Children and Youth

We believe that God can speak to young people of all ages and use them to minister.


ID is the name for Plymouth Vineyard youth. ID meet on Sunday mornings during the service and we also meet once a month on a Friday evening. We like to meet up from time to time for social events too and to connect with other events run for the same age group. ID is for anyone in school years 6 -11.

On Sunday mornings, we all worship together and then the teenagers hang out with a couple of our youth leaders during the talk. We chat about life, God and play lots of games!!


Rockets & Dynamite
For primary school children we meet throughout the Sunday service, sometimes in one group, sometimes in two (Rockets & Dynamite). We do a mixture of praise, prayer, craft and games depending on the week, but most of all we have FUN!

For pre-schoolers of any age, we go out to our room just before the service starts and learn about God, sings songs, play and create (or if we’re too young we just have lots of cuddles!).

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