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My garden requires tasks of weeding, pruning, planting, supporting and tending. Weeds I don’t want so I pull them out. But there are also some plants that I’m not that keen on, or they’re in the wrong place so they get moved. Some plants I like so I care for them, water them, feed them and prune them. And other plants I want so I sow seeds and grow them.

My garden is a mixture of God-ordained natural process, local conditions and history. But I have input and shape this process. This is similar to church, and there are some elements of church culture that we value very much and want to nurture, tend and sow into.

This series examines seven elements of a culture we are intentional about cultivating, looking at their biblical roots and what we can do as members of the family to lean into them.

‘Everyone gets to Play’ Creating a Culture of engagement listen / read

‘Come as you are’ Creating a Culture of radical welcome listen / read

‘Follow me’ Creating a Culture of discipleship

‘Give it away’ Creating a Culture of generosity listen / read

‘Play nicely’ Creating a Culture of honour  listen / read

Sources: Rich Nathan and www.churchtimes.co.uk/male-headship-two-opposing-views

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