We are meeting in person every week now, with services being livestreamed for those participating at home

Covid Measures at Vineyard

No environment is risk-free, and covid continues to infect people this Autumn. We don’t want people to feel uncomfortable or anxious at our Sunday meetings so we would like to encourage the following so as to make Vineyard accessible to all 😊

  • Face Masks – we encourage people to wear masks if they feel able, including during the worship.
  • Hand sanitiser – freely available around the room.
  • Food and drink – self-service and we continue to buy wrapped food in individual portions.
  • Ventilation – windows and doors are open as far as possible.
  • Surfaces – will be wiped down between services.
  • We will spend time chatting at the end of the service and we will pray for each other and lay on hands when appropriate. We think all of these elements are important. But equally we understand if you don’t feel comfortable with the above and leave promptly at the end of the service. We also continue with our online broadcasting for those isolating at home.