Lessons from the Life of Moses #5 Journey
Being a Christian is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Some would say even more so. Moses teaches us that there is value in the journey, even though it might be more difficult that anticipated, as the Presence of God goes with us.
Lessons from the Life of Moses #4 Calling
Arthur explains how Moses' encounter at the burning bush teaches us how to discern calling, and how our primary calling is into relationship with God, from which all else flows.
Lessons from the Life of Moses #3 Healing
Moses' journey of redemption was a combination of encounter and healing. Here Arthur explores how he used his time in the wilderness to allow God to heal him and prepare him for what was to come.
Lessons from the Life of Moses #2 Encounter
Jonathan looks at the story of Moses at the burning bush, one of the most significant stories of the Bible. Do you want to encounter God more? Pay attention, be willing to come to him on his terms and accept what he says about you...
Lessons from the Life of Moses #1 Foundations
Where did you come from and does it matter? Using Psalm 139 and the verse from Romans 8:28 (In all circumstances God works for the good of those who love him...) Arthur takes the early life of Moses and draws an important lesson from it for all of us.
How can I have more faith?
10 points drawn from the first 10 chapters of Matthew which can increase your faith, but ultimately we know that faith is a gift from God, and even faith as small as a mustard seed is enough - he will provide the rest.