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Listen - Happy

How to be happy

The Pursuit of Happyness
Can you learn to be more happy? Arthur links the research of Dr Laurie Santos with the teachings of Jesus to help you become a Psalm 1 sort of person.
Happy #2 Reach Out
We are designed for relational connection - with God and with each other. Arthur challenges us to extend that connection beyond our besties to the community around us, using Jesus as an example. And guess what - we will be happier as a result!
Happy #3 Thankful
The daily practice of gratitude will benefit your mental health more than anything, but it also leads to greater spiritual and emotional health too, which is why it is such a core spiritual exercise. Arthur uses scripture and the inspiration of Corrie ten Boom in this apposite teaching on how to be thankful.
Happy #4 Rule of Life
Find out how a rule of life can help you structure your habits and grow to be the person you wanted to be.