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Thessalonians 4 Resurrection
Arthur gives the low down on what exactly happens when we die, and what we can expect when Jesus returns.
Thessalonians 3 Consecrate Yourselves
Jonathan Bell speaks from 1 Thessalonians 4, seeing the future post-pandemic church being called to holiness in response to the Gospel Commission.
Thessalonians 2 Your Heavenly Ofsted Report
Reading Paul's report on the young Thessalonian church Arthur reflects on what our report would be like - as followers and as a church?
Thessalonians 1 Interview with a church planter
Arthur interview Jason Thermolite about his 1st Century church planting exploits in this introduction to our Thessalonians series
Prayer is powerful
Arthur uses Jesus' teaching on prayer to help us refresh our lenses of faith going into 2021, that we might believe afresh that prayer is powerful!
Historical Psalms
Tim looks at historical psalms with Arthur in Theology Corner to explain their significance.