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The pattern of orientation, disorientation and reorientation is a commonly occurring one in the Christian life. Arthur explores how can we cooperate with what Jesus wants to do in our lives and hearts during these times.
Practicing the Way #6 Take up your Cross
In a world of self-fulfilment and entitlement, self-denial and sacrifice is a unpopular message, but Jesus calls us to follow him, taking up our cross daily. Because by dying we live, and the alternative will never satisfy, just enslave.
Practicing the Way #5 Living in Community
Gilly talks about how our discipleship is done in the context off community - where we are to turn up as the real versions of ourselves to be accepted and loved as we are.
Practicing the Way #4 Do What Jesus Did
Being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus - not too controversial. But doing what He did? How much is the life of the ordinary Joe Christian is actually organised around learning to do what He did? Here Arthur helps us make a start on this project...
Practicing the Way #3 Become Like Jesus
Being transformed into someone who looks like Jesus is a reality and a possibility - you just have to know how.
Practicing the Way #2 Be With Jesus
What does it mean to be with Jesus and how do we make it a reality? From John 15 with a splash of Dallas Willard, John Mark Comer and Brother Lawrence...