We are meeting in person every week now, with services being livestreamed for those participating at home

Soul Care

This lent we invite you to join in with our lent course, which is all about soul care: how to care for the most important part of you.   

We will be running the course in the midweek life groups and linking it with the talks on Sunday.

We encourage you to buy a book, sign up to a life group and make the most of this opportunity during lent to draw closer to Jesus and allow him to renew you from the inside out.

Resources for Soul Keeping

‘Soul Keeping’ by John Ortberg

Watch a preview here

 week #1 what is the soul?
week #2 The struggle of the soul
week #3 What the soul needs
week #4 The practice of grace
week #5 The practice of gratitude
week #6 The practice of growth