We are meeting in person every week now, with services being livestreamed for those participating at home


to Plymouth Vineyard Church


We meet at 13 Cornwall St 11am each Sunday morning.

Also join us online on YouTube or Facebook.

What covid measures will be taken on Sunday mornings?

We are called to be a church of scattered servants, gathering in small communities to do life together: outposts of heaven on earth! Find out more

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Children’s Storehouse

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I Am #1 'I Am'
Jesus knew what he was doing when he announced himself to the world using the same words God used to Moses at the burning bush. We are called afresh and the fire of God burns over our heads...
1 Peter 7 - Declare the Praises
What are the praises we are to declare, and who do we declare them to? An exhortation to go out into the storm and rescue those who are drowning!